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Robotic Sex-Dolls are not Less Than a Revolution in VR Adult Entertainment

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Discovery of the VR sex-dolls has boosted the VR porn industry. They look real as they can listen and also communicate plus these dolls can move as well giving a feel of reality. The VR sex-dolls have been created by Ex Doll and Doll Sweet Dolls. With the help of PlayStation and smartphone, the dolls are controlled. The demo dolls were tagged as Bugatti Veyron of VR, by Paul Lumb – luxury silicone sex-doll specialist – priced at $A7500.


In an interview with The Sun, Lumb said that since there are so many languages so it might take time to carry out the conversations. But these robotic dolls are equipped with facial expressions and recognition of the voice. From last two years,more efforts are made to work on the features like touch and feel. The decrease in weight of these dolls from 32kgs to lighter weight will make the VR porn experience look real. It has been around 15 years the VR porn experts are indulged in making these robot dolls. It is not less than a revolution in the VR adult industry.

There was a show to present the latest development in the VR porn directory industry at Sexpo – Australian health, lifestyle and sexuality exhibition. As quoted by the event-director of Sexpo –Bentleigh Gibson, the show’s theme was set as “feel the future”.


Gibson says that,with the recent developments of the robotic sex-dolls and the VR gadgets, technology has played a revolutionary part in intermingling itself with sex. Even, sex toys are also in the market contributing towards the VR adult entertainment. But with the flow of time and many developments in science and technology, the utility of these toys will blur out and overpowered by the smart wireless technology. Even because of high-speed internet, people are not able to feel the sensuality with their partners or someone else.

According to Gibson, the VR porn devices and headsets are an interesting way to spice their intimacy up with their partners. In the recent time, it looks scary but gradually with the passage of time everyone will adjust to the new VR adult entertainment. It will become a part of the relationships.


The VR porn is grabbing huge attention among everyone as the use of traditional DVDs is fading away from the market. Even the porn industry has welcomed the new VR technology and applying it in their industry. The people get an immersive VR porn experience with the advent of VR technology.

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